Austin, TX

What better place to begin a story about people doing their own thing than the home of all things weird, Austin, TX?  Austin is the home of D.I.Y. kitsch with randomly pieced together homes and businesses everywhere you turn.  It could also easily be called the Home of the Food Trailer. Having lived there over a year, I can tell you there’s a new one popping up almost every day.

Sure enough, on my first day out, I stumble across Gerardo Avellano painting a small food trailer at the corner of 6th and Chalmers on the east side.

Gerardo is the epitome of Local Flavor.  Painting a custom mural on “Selene’s Taco” truck is only one of many professions he professes to.  When I ask him what he does, he says he is an, “Illustrator, Photographer, Painter, Screenprinter, Curator, Promotor, and an Event Organizer,” and these aren’t just titles.  He has proven successes in the Austin latin community to prove it.  His current projects include the Cine Las Americas Film Fest, El Gallo (a film), the Paisa – Delic Project, Lucha Libre (promoting bands from Mexico & Columbia), custom art for 2 taco stands, and plans to open a movie theatre on the east side.
Check him out at:

Selene’s” is just one of many food trailers Austin has to offer…

Heading toward downtown on 6th, there are several lots featuring a bevy of yummy food trucks, trailers, and busses.  The first of which, “Trailer Perk,”

run by Kasey Magee, offers up delectables from an airstream trailer which he says is “completely recycled.”  In the beginning, they either found or bought everything used.  He says, “We’re just trying to make a little community.  If people want to have some food, coffee, or if they just want to hang out, that’s cool too.”

There’s Coolhaus Austin, serving up artisanal ice cream sandwiches,

Spartan Pizza

Little Bean Bakery & Cafe,

which incidentally started as a simple bake sale at owner, Michelle Glenn’s daughter’s school because she wanted to make a point regarding the state of their school lunch program.  Two percent of her sales now go to “Share our Strength,” which helps to fund school lunch programs across the nation.

Lastly, Trey and Larry are  “kickin it old school” at the old School Barbeque & Grill.  With their hand painted signs leaning against the old school bus and barbeque smoke billowing out the back, they are one of the simplest and yet coolest looking food vendors around.  And the best part?  Their barbeque’s damn good.

Moving further west on East 6th, it’s not far before you run into yet another grouping of food trailers…


“LaTasca,” features Texas style, spanish inspired dining and is owned and operated by Alex Gates.

True to Local Flavor style, Alex is also an Artist and Printmaker on the side.

The #19 Bus is definitely an eye catcher,

and super friendly folks too.  They even let me come inside and check out the digs!

Amazingly, I recently heard that Austin has over 400+ functioning food trailers and counting!

Stay tuned for more to come!

In the meantime, if you’d like to see more food trailer reviews in Austin, check out Miss Tiffany Harelik at the Trailer Food Diaries here:

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    1. Thanks Tony! Also, please keep an eye out as I’m having some issues with this blog at the moment. There are actually supposed to be about ten more pictures showing up! Hopefully we’ll get the formatting worked out soon…

  1. I had no idea there was such a large food trailer community in Austin until you mentioned it. Thanks for putting up pictures & letting us see what this new way to get food out to the people looks like.

    I see them here in L.A. all the time, but those had so much character, which I’m sure drives the business as much as food quality.

    Great post! I look forward to reading of your continued adventures!

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