Seaside, FL

I stumbled upon the local flavor community in Seaside, FL purely by accident while out exploring the Florida panhandle beaches w/ family. Seaside, Watercolor, and Grayton Beach are picturesque little slices of heaven tucked away in between the hustle and bustle of the bigger beach towns of Panama and Pensacola. Magical was the word that kept coming to mind as we strolled around thru charming outdoor shops and sunk our feet into the soft white sand massage of the gulf of mexico.
Unexpectedly there on the main drag were a parade of matching airstream food trailers offering up a variety of delectable delights.
I was told that Seaside also boasts a fantastic farmer’s market on Sundays.


I devoured some awesome spring rolls at Raw & Juicy.

Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs features grass fed, hormone & nitrate free dogs. Their motto appropriately is “Dogs Gone Good.”


Gotta have grilled cheese at The Meltdown on 30A

I decided a few years ago that the real mark of whether or not a city or town is cool and progressive is how far you have to go to find ginger ale in a glass bottle. I have no other vice in life aside from this sweet nectar of the gods so when i got one in Seaside, I knew I’d found the right place.

Barefoot BBQ will “knock your socks off.”

…And Roland behind the counter was a super fun guy too.

There’s even a spot for doggies!

And a place made out of money (well, sort of..)

Cool treats at Frost Bites


Next time I come to Seaside, I hope it’s to retire.
It’s truly a hidden gem.


Heading west. Stay tuned for Local Flavor communities in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, more from Austin, Los Angeles, and many more!


(Local Flavor is a work in progress so keep checking back!)



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