Baton Rouge, LA

Made it up to Baton Rouge about an hour before an enormous storm front which was predicted to send the mighty Mississippi up over it’s banks.

After spending a few minutes with the good people of Baton Rouge taking pictures of sandbags piled several feet high, I think it goes without saying that I decided not to stay long…

I found Taco De Paco just as the rain started and grabbed a yummy taco and a couple pix on my way westward back toward Austin. Once again, the folks working the truck said the next day they were due a visit from the Food Network (if the town wasn’t under water, that is).

After hearing this so many times during the journey, I started to wonder if the Food Network was actually stalking me. Probably not…

Next stop, Austin, TX – Again. This time I plan to hit the big Saturday morning farmer’s market…

Editor’s Note:  No cities or towns were harmed in the making of this blog. Baton Rouge escaped Mother Nature’s wrath unharmed.

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