Tampa, FL

Having spent the last couple years living in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA, I was quite used to seeing food trailers and trucks of all sorts all the time. When I moved back to the Tampa Bay area, it took a little while to find them as they’re quite spread out, but I was very pleased to see a small but quickly expanding Local Flavor scene here as well.

Wicked Wiches‘ sweet potato chips were so delish…

Freshley’s serves up lunch for the Tampa crowd.

3 Ballers gets their name from the 3 different types of delectable dessert balls owner Stephanie Barr makes. Word on the street is that this food trailer is soon to receive a make-over and a new name: Sinful Pleasures Dessert Co. – just in time for the Tampa food truck rally!

Update:  I was fortunate enough to be assigned to shoot the Tampa Food Truck Rally for Creative Loafing.
Turn out, much like the “Gypsy Picnic” food trailer festival in Austin, was amazing….So Amazing in fact, that lines wrapped around each other and many of the trailers ran out of food. Apparently there are a lot more food trucks in Tampa than anyone ever knew!
(Pix coming soon:)
If you tried to attend the rally and crowds were too much for you, not to worry. A second bigger & better Tampa food truck rally is already scheduled for Oct 22 with more space and even more trucks!

Lastly, this week’s featured Local Flavor-ite is Mitzi Gordon with Bluebird Books.
Blue Bird is housed within a converted short bus which she has affectionately coined ‘Beatrice.’ Mitzi calls the big blue bus a “mobile station of inspiration; one part vintage bookstore and one part mobile art house.”

We assisted Mitzi in removing the seats from the bus not long ago…

It was a sweaty but fun challenge. The bolts holding those seats in had been in there a LONG time and in true school bus fashion, we did in fact find some fossilized chewing gum under the seats.

Blue Bird is slated for official launch in November.

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of Local Flavor Productions… And don’t forget, if you’ve got an independently owned, kitschy cool business in your town that you think we should cover, feel free to send a write-up with fun pix to: localflavorproductions@gmail.com

Lastly, as fall approaches, don’t forget:

Don’t underestimate your personal buying power.
Buy local!

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