Nov 26th is Small Business Saturday!!

I’m smiling from ear to ear!!

November 26, 2011 has been declared “Small Business Saturday” – a day to shop smart by shopping small and local!!


(Ok, so American Express is sponsoring it. But it’s a great start;)

We really can make a difference. If enough people take part in this simple action, we can make an impact and visibly demonstrate support for our local communities.

Money talks! Put it where it can be heard!!

Shop small – Buy local – this Nov 26 and always!!


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One comment

  1. I’m adding to your revolution–SHOP SMALL, GIVE SMALL! Give small non-profit organizations, agencies, and grass root works financial donations in your local communities. Large corporate charities are already receiving millions and billions from the rich, celebrities and politicians, why not give those who have little budgets and doing great works a chance your for donation dollars to support them.

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